Rosé All Day in Yolo County

Rosé All Day in Yolo County

Rosé has come a long way. Although it is believed to have originated in ancient Greece, it didn’t make its way to the United States until centuries later. In the 20th century, domestic rosé, known as “blush” or white zinfandel, was a sweet concoction that drew the ire of serious oenophiles.


It’s taken decades for rosé to shake its bad reputation, but consumers are now embracing today’s iteration of the pink drink. Made with red grapes such as cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir, among others, rosé can range from sweet to dry, floral to fruity, still to sparkling.


Rosé even has its own subculture. Freezing it into slushies gives you frosé. Serving it to men makes it brosé. There’s a National Rosé Day (June 10), and its praises are sung on T-shirts and tumblers (“Rosé All Day,” “Yes Way Rosé.”) There are rosé flavored gummy bears, jelly, and iced tea. Even Snoop Dog has a rosé brand.


But rosé has a serious side too. It’s a billion-dollar industry worldwide, and some of the best rosés are made right here in California. In fact, you’ll find plenty of rosé in Yolo County, which you can sip and savor on a sunny summer afternoon at one of the many wineries throughout the county. So, if you’re looking for a refreshing glass of rosé, following are some of the top spots to find it.


Heringer Estates | Clarksburg

Rosé lovers can have their pick at Heringer Estates in Clarksburg. Their 2021 Hope’s Thread rosé supports those whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. They also sell rosé in a can and two varieties of sparkling rosé. Best of all, you can sample wine in their 150-year-old heritage barn and enjoy live music all summer long.


Great Bear Vineyards | Davis

Great Bear Vineyards in Davis offers not one but three varieties of rosé for your sipping pleasure: rosé of cabernet sauvignon, rosé of tempranillo and a sparkling brut rosé. You can schedule a tasting, a cheese or chocolate pairing, or just purchase a bottle to enjoy on their shady outdoor patio while listening to live music.


Berryessa Gap Vineyards | Winters

Both the estate vineyard and downtown Winters tasting room of Berryessa Gap Vineyards offer several varieties of rosé, including a sparkling brut, rosé of petite sirah and rosé of zinfandel, grenache and barbera. At the downtown Winters tasting room, enjoy live music every Friday in summer on Main Street.


Bogle Family Vineyards | Clarksburg

With numerous seating areas overlooking the estate vineyards, Bogle Winery is a great place to spend a summer afternoon. They produce several rosé varieties, including a light Provence-style and a crisp bubbly. Pop a bobble to enjoy alongside a picnic or take advantage of live music or outdoor movie nights.


Grindstone Wines | Esparto

Grindstone Wines in Esparto offers two rosés: rosé of grenache and rosé of syrah. Both are balanced and fruity, the ideal warm-weather wine. Bring the whole family on the fourth Friday of the month for live music and food trucks, when the winery is open late.


Turkovich Family Wines | Winters

In Winters, Turkovich Family Wines also produces two versions of their popular rosé: a rosé of grenache and a sparkling variety made from a blend of grenache and tempranillo. Enjoy a glass (or two) at their downtown Winters tasting room or on the lovely patio at their estate winery with views of the Vaca Mountains.


Matchbook Wines | Zamora

Overlooking the vineyards and Dunnigan Hills, Matchbook Wines is a picturesque spot to relax on sunny day. Their Tinto Rey rosé is an easy-drinking blend of rosé of tempranillo and tannat, co-fermented with verdejo. It’s crisp and refreshing with just the right about of sweetness. They often have food trucks and live music on site.


Elevation Ten | Clarksburg

Located in the Old Sugar Mill, Elevation Ten has just released a refreshing, well-balanced 2021 rosé of pinot noir. Visit on the second Thursday of the month through September and take advantage of extended hours, food trucks and live music.


If rosé all day turns into rosé all weekend, there are plenty of lodging specials in Yolo County to take advantage of. From quaint historic properties to romantic inns with all the amenities you need, there are a range of hotel choices in Yolo County that can make your wine tasting weekend one to remember.


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