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Full Belly Farm

fully_belly_farm_5-300x205.jpgIf you would like to celebrate your wedding on a working farm that is authentic as well as beautiful, you should definitely consider Full Belly Farm. A certified organic farm founded in 1985, Fully Belly Farm is nestled in the beautiful Capay Valley. We are committed to fostering sustainability on all levels, from fertility in our soil and care for the environment, to stable employment for our farm workers, and to creating memorable events for those who choose us. Full Belly Farm truly is a working farm, the real deal, complete with cows, pigs, sheep, dirt, tractors, rows upon rows of melons, corn, tomatoes, peaches, plums, shelling beans, strawberries, and whatever else we have planted for the season. We will work with you to create your special day in our special environment, with complete services, perfect settings, and exquisite cuisine. We look forward to celebrating with you. For more information, contact Amon Muller and Jenna Clemens, (530) 796-2214.

Website: www.fullbellyfarm.com

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