Cycling in Davis

Breakaway Ride 2010 Start_Evan Davis (2)Proudly known as the “Bicycle Capital of America” since as far back as 1964, Davis has long been a leader in getting around on two wheels for school, work, and play. Davis was the first city in the nation to legislate and implement standardized bike lanes, and today more than 100 miles of bike paths and trails wind their way all through town. In 2006, Davis became the first city in America to earn the coveted Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community Award from the League of American Bicyclists—and is even working to achieve “Beyond Platinum” status. Davis is also home to the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame, a handsome museum that celebrates the rich history of American cycling accomplishment.

All of which suggests Davis is a great place to pedal around, and as you would expect, the city has considerable resources for cycling: numerous bike and repair shops for new and used machines, advocacy groups, convenient well-equipped public repair stations, a hugely successful bike club, and even mobile services unheard of in most other places. Even a few local hotels have loaner bikes for their guests.

What’s more, you will find gorgeous countryside to ride through as soon as you hit the city limits, predominately flat terrain with abundant farmland and orchards to savor as you sail along little-traveled country roads. Head west toward the nearby Vaca Mountains and you will come to challenging hills to climb. Bike pathways on Davis streets (2)

To get a closer look at local rides with elevations and cue sheets, click here. These are routes designed by members of the Davis Bike Club, so you should have great confidence in the details.

What follows is a roundup of bicycling resources in Davis. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet, just wanting to have a good time or looking to take part in group activities, there’s something in Davis for everyone. (Unless noted, all phone numbers are area code 530.)





Bike Shops and Repair

Apex Cycles and Service ~ Stocks a limited selection of high-end road and mountain bikes but orders for an extensive list; some shop services; accessories. 716 2nd Street; 750-2739.

B & L Bike Shop ~ Entry- to mid-level road and mountain bikes, also commuter cruisers and children’s bikes; service shop; clothing and accessories. Ask about bike rentals.

Blis Works Bikes ~ Road, mountain, and children’s bikes; service shop; accessories. 1340 E. Covell Blvd., Suite 107; 758-7433.

Davis Bike Exchange ~ A bit of a salvage operation, with older bikes repaired to varying degrees of reliability. Good source for student bikes at low cost; also sells spare parts. 511 L Street; 753-4600.

Davis Wheelworks ~ Upper-end road bikes and equipment for the more serious rider; service shop; clothing and accessories. 247 F Street; 753-3118.

Freewheeler Bicycle Center ~ Road bikes, commuter and utility models; children’s bikes; service shop; clothing and accessories. 703 2nd Street; 758-5460.

Green Bicycle Depot ~ Sells used bikes at reasonable prices, including refurbished vintage models; very large selection; repair services; parts sales; rentals. 965 Olive Drive, Suite G; 759-0828.

Ken’s Bike-Ski-Board ~ Sells new quality road and mountain bikes; service shop; clothing and accessories. Ask about bike rentals. Also retails skiing and snowboarding equipment. 650 G Street; 758-3223.

Toby’s Mobile Workshop ~ A one-man mobile bike repair service, with more than 20 years of experience. Call 302-5186.

U.C. Davis Bike Barn ~ The rental and repair shop on the university campus; repairs, parts sales and accessories. Call 752-2575.

Other Cycling Resources

Getting Around Davis ~ A comprehensive website that includes information about bicycling lanes, bike racks, and bicycle repair stands around town and on campus; also has helpful details for driving, walking, and parking throughout the city.

Davis Bicycle Repair Stations ~ A larger number of self-service bicycle repair stations have been installed around the U.C. Davis campus and the City of Davis. These Dero Fixit stands include wrenches, screwdrivers, tire levers, and tire pumps attached to the stand for DIY bike repair and maintenance; you can do jobs from adjusting brakes and derailleurs to fixing a flat tire.

Davis Pedicab ~ A convenient human pedal-powered taxi service, most often seen around downtown and campus on weekends. All pedicab operators are trained and hold a City of Davis license to operate. The service uses a tipping system, meaning ride costs are negotiable and based on what riders think is fair. Call (410) 829-0249.

Annual Bike Auctions~ U.C. Davis Transportation Services disposes of abandoned, unclaimed bicycles through publicly-held auctions. Two “live” auctions are held each year, usually in mid-October and early May.

Bicycling Organizations

U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame ~ This world-class attraction features priceless bicycles, trophies, medals, and memorabilia from the nation’s cycling best. Changing displays highlight contemporary pros. Also on display is the prestigious Pierce Miller antique bicycle collection. Open Wednesday 4-8, Saturday 10-2, or by appointment. 303 3rd Street; (530) 341-2363.

Davis Bike Club ~ Local, very active club with more than 600 members who enjoy recreational cycling, racing, touring, randonneuring, and mountain biking. The club has scheduled group rides almost daily; it also puts on major events such as the 4th of July Criterium races in downtown, the Davis Double Century, and Foxy’s Fall Century. Write c/o B&L Bikes, 610 3rd St., Davis CA 95616.

Davis Bike Collective ~ A volunteer-run non-profit that provides a public D.I.Y. shop where people share tools, skills, and knowledge about bike maintenance and repair. Used parts are available for anyone to build or repair a bicycle at the shop. The aim is to empower confident and committed cyclists through education and community building, and to encourage more cyclists by making bikes and bike maintenance fun, safe and accessible for everyone. 1221-½ 4th Street; 758-1483.

Loaner-Bike Hotels
Call the hotels for details on their bike selection and use policies.

Hallmark Inn at U.C. Davis~ 110 F Street; 753-3600.

Holiday Inn Express ~ 1640 Research Park Drive; 297-1500.

Hyatt Place U.C. Davis ~ 173 Old Davis Road; 756-9500.


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