Indulge in the Authentic with a New Yolo County Travel Podcast

Indulge in the Authentic with a New Yolo County Travel Podcast

Have you heard? Yolo County is hitting the airwaves! A new travel podcast takes a deep dive into everything Yolo County, from wine and wine growing to food and farming.


Hosted by award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar, “Yolo County: Indulge in the Authentic” explores everything Yolo County has to offer, including its world-class wineries, farm-to-table restaurants, picturesque downtowns and more. The first episode, “California’s Food & Wine Secret,” reminds listeners that no visit to California is complete without a trip to Yolo County.

Slow Food = Real Food Grown in Yolo County

The podcast opens with Ann Evans, one of the original leaders of Slow Food Yolo and author of the Davis Farmers’ Market Cookbook. Evans shares that Yolo County is a premiere destination for slow food, which, in essence, means savoring every bite. Because Yolo County has a rich agricultural heritage, visitors can enjoy farm-fresh food no matter where they go: from Clarksburg wineries to Capay Valley olive oil.


Where to Eat in Davis, Winters & West Sacramento

Next up, local chef and restaurateur Brad Cecchi shares the best restaurants in Yolo County and how to get the most out of a food-centered visit. Cecchi, co-founder of Franquette in West Sacramento, shared some of his favorites, including Seasons in Davis, where chef Katerina Balagian uses locally-grown, seasonal produce in her middle eastern inspired dishes.


Yolo County: The Best of California Wine Country

The podcast also welcomes Megan Bartlett, professor of viticulture and enology (aka wine!) at U.C. Davis. Bartlett answers the important question: is there such a thing as slow wine? The answer, of course, is yes! She said a visit to Yolo County wineries is a must for any wine lover because of the county’s great diversity, with local wineries found in Winters, Clarksburg, the Capay Valley and Davis.


The Best Things to Do in Yolo County

Looking for things to do in Yolo County? Linda Henigan of Woodland’s Dinner on Main and Amina Harris, former director of the U.C. Davis Honey and Pollination Center and co-owner of The Hive in Woodland, shared what to eat, see and do during every season. In spring, flowers are blooming and the California Honey Festival takes place in Woodland. In summer, acres upon acres of Yolo County sunflower fields pop with color and the bats emerge from their resting places, which you can witness alongside the Yolo Basin Foundation. In fall, food takes center stage with Woodland’s Dinner on Main and the Village Feast in Davis. Winter calls for exploration of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area.


Yolo County Food: Season by Season

Wrapping up the podcast is again Ann Evans, who shared some of the best food season by season: artichokes and cherries in spring, peaches and corn in summer, pears and walnuts in fall, and citrus in winter. The Davis Farmers’ Market Cookbook offers tips on using these abundant ingredients in everyday dishes.


To learn more about the slow food movement in Yolo County, as well as things to do in Davis, Winters, and beyond, click below to listen to the “California Food & Wine Secret” podcast episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

Learn more about Yolo County, California and begin planning your trip at visityolo.com.


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