Explore the Slow Food Trail with a New Yolo County Podcast

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Curious about the slow food movement in Yolo County? You can learn all about it on a new podcast that showcases the best ways to experience farm to table, from West Sacramento all the way up to the Capay Valley.

“Farm-to-Fork on the Slow Food Trail” is the second episode of “Yolo County: Indulge in the Authentic,” hosted by award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar. In this episode, Millar visits some of the key players in the county’s food scene and shows how farm to table comes alive.

Farm to Table at Woodland’s Edible Garden

First up, Millar talks to Chef Tyler Bond, who takes him on a journey through Woodland’s edible learning garden. Here, he explains how gardening is a way not only to connect with the earth, but also to connect people to one another through food and health. He encourages people to slow down and savor every moment.

Connecting to the Land in the Capay Valley

Next, Millar pays a visit to Full Belly Farm in the Capay Valley, where co-owners Jenna and Amon Muller give him a tour of their 450-acre farm, introduce him to their chickens, and even make him popcorn grown right on their land. The Mullers discuss how people have become disconnected from the food they eat, but, at stewards of the land, they aim to change all that by teaching the importance of farming for healthy living.

Yolo County: Seasonal Produce Straight from the Source

Afterwards, Millar heads south for a stroll through the Davis Farmers’ Market. There, he meets up with Annie Main, who cofounded the market way back in 1976. She explains that farmers’ markets aren’t just about getting your shopping done, they’re also about connecting with your community over quality, locally grown food — all while supporting farmers. She said unlike grocery store produce, farmers’ markets only sell what’s in season, meaning you get fresh, nutritious produce straight from the source.

Urban Gardens Provide Fresh Food in West Sacramento

Millar then headed to West Sacramento, where he met with Heather Lyon of the Center for Land Based Learning. They toured Riverfront Farm at the Barn, one of five urban farms in West Sacramento that produces food for a mobile farmers’ market that pops up in affordable housing communities with bushels of everything from tomatoes to okra. Lyon said it’s important to bring healthy food to urban centers and to connect all communities, not just rural communities, to quality food.

Visit California’s Best Kept Food Secret: Yolo County

To learn more about the slow food and farm-to-fork in Yolo County, check out Episode Two of “Yolo County: Indulge in the Authentic,” “Farm-to-Fork on the Slow Food Trail” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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