Rare Birds

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June 2 - July 2

Rare Birds

Check online at www.pencegallery.org for artwork & YouTube for an exhibit tour and special bird programs!

Avian enthusiasts have long regarded the graceful flight patterns and plumage of birds as worthy of study and artistic rendering. Birds from prehistoric times onwards have been depicted as symbols of freedom, motherhood, and the divine.

Rare Birds assembles paintings and sculptures on the topic of birds and their nests. Participating regional artists include Suzanne Adan, Paula Bellacera, Mary Czechan Coldren, Diana Lewis Coleman, Lynn Criswell, Natasha Dikareva, Anne Gregory, Mark Gleason, Sasinun Kladpetch, Nelson Loskamp, Katie McCann, Mike Stevens, Marsha Schindler, and Sandy Whetstone.

Image: “Ultra Rare Bird”, Marsha Schindler

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12:00 am - 11:59 pm

212 D Street, Davis, CA 95616



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