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Woodland Celtic Games & Festival

b_woodlandscotttishCelebrate Celtic traditions at this year’s Woodland Celtic Games and Festival! Taking place on Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, April 29th at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, this festival serves to provide a space for traditional Celtic competitions, arts, dance, and music as well as to educate the public on all parts of the Celtic culture.

The Celtic Games and Festival officially begins at noon, when the opening parade and ceremony first starts. Here, event-goers will be able to see the march of the clans, animals, historic groups, and a featured Clydesdale demonstration before the official start of the games begin. Don’t be fooled, however, as the gates do still officially open at 9:00 am for events like soloist piping and drumming competitions, an athletic competition, open range archery lessons, a whiskey seminar and tasting, and more!

After the parade, this exciting festival will highlight Celtic traditions by including events ranging from bag piping and Highland dance competitions, to archery and tug-o-war battles (and so much more!). Other events include a second whiskey tasting, an Irish Step Dance presentation, a beard and mustache competition, and drumming contests. Even better, the event will be headlined by a fan-favorite band, the Wicked Tinkers, who draw inspiration from their Celtic roots. The band will begin performing at 1:00 pm and will play two sets each day–don’t miss out on it! Additionally, there will be a Closing Ceremony each evening to announce official game winners. Stick around to see more music, clans and even a children’s tug-o-war game.

            Speaking of children, this family-friendly festival hosts events for even the youngest o’ lads and lassies. Take your children to see the animals at the festival, have them learn to be a drum major, let them toss a caber, or have them compete in the children’s tug-o-war game happening at the end of each closing ceremony. This is a great day for them to dress up in traditional Irish dress and learn about the Celtic culture, all while having fun! Plus, they’ll love to see the games for themselves after having some Celtic-inspired food and drink (or while having a Rainbow Snow Cone!).

            This year’s festival will be hosting over a dozen food and drink vendors, including the Daughters of Scotia Tea Room, Taste of Britain, O’Connor BBQ, and Sunblest Foods (who serve Heritage Meat Pies). While you’re there, try the Rainbow Snow Cones, a scrumptious crepe, or indulge in some ice cream from the One Stop Ice Cream Shoppe. Make sure to stop by for some amazing eats before heading out to compete in the Celtic competitions.

            And, if you’re excited about the festival but don’t know where to stay, don’t worry! The Woodland Celtic Games and Festival website details exactly where to stay during the weekend. Although tent and camping spots are full, hotels in the area have great accommodations and are conveniently located–stay in Woodland , in nearby Davis or Winters . No matter which hotel you pick, you’ll have a great stay.

Interested in this year’s Celtic Games and Festival yet? If so, tickets (ranging form $15-$25 for adults) and more information can be found on the Woodland Celtic Games and Festival website at woodlandcelticgames.org. There, you can find a complete schedule of events, information about the different clans participating in the event, food and product vendors, and descriptions about the games and events that occur during the fest.

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