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Sunflower Fields Bloom in Yolo County

sunflower fieldSunflower’s have officially started to bloom in Yolo County. Each year as we approach sunflower season we get a ton of calls from visitors and locals looking to view these stunning fields. So this year we will be keeping you up to date on where you can see these beautiful blooming fields while they are in season. We will be updating our map on a weekly basis…if you see fields leave us a message on Facebook so we can update the map. Keep your eyes on our social media channels to be the first to know when the map is updated.

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Sunflower Field Map

Check out the below locations to see sunflower fields in bloom around Yolo County:

  • County Road 96 & 31 just west of Davis
  • Highway 128 & 505 in Winters
  • Russell Blvd. between County Road 92F & Kinsella Lane West of Davis
  • Near Seka Hills Tasting Room, 19326 County Road 78, in Brooks
  • Highway 113 & County Road 25A, near Satiety Winery
  • I-505 & Highway 16, exiting towards Capay Valley
  • County Road 95 & County Road 17, North of Woodland
  • Highway 16, cross 88B, near Esparto
  • County Road 89, cross County Road 25, North of Winters
  • East side of Highway 113, about a mile north from Road 31 exit
  • Both sides of Highway 113, cross County Road 27

Please remember to only view and photograph safely from the roadside or gain permission from the farmer before going into the fields.

The 2016 sunflower fields have all been harvested but make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates next summer.


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