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Board Meetings

Yolo County Visitors Bureau
To champion the extraordinary communities of Yolo County

Board of Directors Meeting

March 2, 2017
Palm Court Hotel
234 D Street, Davis CA
Meeting Agenda
9:00 am                Greeting by Reed Youmans; introductions
9:02 am                Approval of Minutes from January 12, 2017 and February 2, 2017 meetings
9:03 am                Maria Lara, Royal Guest Hotels ~ Ms. Lara will talk about the remodeling of rooms and lobby areas of the Palm Court hotel; a tour of the hotel will be available after the end of the meeting.
9:15 am                Consideration of Tracy Rios for Board of Directors ~ Action Item. Ms. Rios is being nominated for a Board seat by Executive Director Alan Humason.
9:20 am                Executive Director’s Report

  • Formation of Board Recruitment Committee ~ Action Item. Discuss the need to fill Board vacancies and look to future Board composition in light of 5-year plan developments; select members for the committee.
  • Conversion to 5-Year Plan: ~ Informational.
  • Taste of Yolo Event Update ~ Informational.
  • Taste of Yolo Restaurant Week Recap ~ Informational.
  • Financial Report Through January 2017 ~ Informational.
  • County Hotel Projects Update ~ Informational.

10:00 am             Good of the Order ~

10:10 am             CLOSED SESSION ~ BOARD DIRECTORS ONLY: Election of Officers for 2016 terms and other business as determined by the Members.

10:30 am             Adjourn ~



Yolo County Visitors Bureau

February 2, 2017
California Agriculture Museum, Woodland CA


Board Members:             Staff:                                   City Representatives:

Chris Hart                           Alan Humason                   Diane Parro

Dan Flynn                          Tiffany Dozier                   Guests:

Kristy Lyn Levings           Mo Stoycoff                        Lorili Ostman (host)

Carrie Green                                                                   Richard Jenness

Maria Lara                                                                       Tara Hannon

Al Eby                                                                              Casey Stone

Members Absent:

Reed Youmans

Colleen Maley (resigned)

Vinod Patel

Randii MacNear

Brett Gardenhire

Christy Hayes

Wayne Ginsburg

Call to Order: 9:10am. Welcome from Alan Humason; introductions.

Review of Minutes: January 12, 2016 Minutes deferred (lack of quorum).

 Lorili Ostman, Executive Director, California Agriculture Museum ~ Ms. Ostman talked about the museum exhibits, events, attendees, name change, and 2017 activities planned.

Consideration of Tracy Rios for Board of Directors ~ Action Item. Ms. Rios is being nominated for a Board seat by Executive Director Alan Humason. Action deferred (lack of quorum).

Executive Director’s Report

  • Conversion to 5-Year Plan: Kickoff Meeting Recap and Discussion of Services ~ We are working on getting letters of support from City Managers to the County to secure full county participation in our project (letters from Davis and Woodland done; Winters to come). We had the first Steering Committee meeting and work on the management plan document is underway. Goal is complete all work and have the new plan in place by July 1, coinciding with our normal fiscal year.
  • Taste of Yolo Event Update and Marketing Plan ~ Mo Stoycoff reviewed the marketing plan with a comprehensive handout. One-third of the event budget is dedicated to advertising and marketing efforts, emphasizing social media, digital, and print vehicles.
  • Mid-Year Budget Status and Reforecast Discussion ~ The ED reported that $15,000 of the $50,000 ahead-of-plan revenues had been shifted to the reserve account, to secure two month of operating costs in reserve; the ultimate goal is to establish and maintain a three-months reserve. In addition, Staff advocated to hold onto funds in case we have revenue shortfalls in Taste of Yolo (sponsorships and ticket sales primarily) and thus have enough money on hand to cover expenses for the festival. Also announced: Fred Reyes, chef with Buckhorn Steakhouse and Putah Creek Café, is our third celebrity chef for the Nugget cooking demonstration stage.
  • Highway 128 Project ~ This is a collaboration between the Yolo, Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino visitor bureaus to promote attractions along this route. A new website is being produced, rack cards designed and printed, and other marketing efforts to be discussed in future meetings.
  • Board of Directors Annual Meeting ~ The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors takes place March 2, 2017, at Palm Court Hotel in downtown Davis. Officers will be elected and other business discussed as needed in private session.

Good of the Order ~ Good things happening all across the county.

Adjourn ~ 10:10am ~ Tour of California Agriculture Museum available to guests.

Next Meeting: March 2, 2017 ~ Palm Court Hotel, Davis CA.



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