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Board Meetings

Yolo County Visitors Bureau

To champion the extraordinary communities of Yolo County

Board of Directors Meeting

April 6, 2017

Buckhorn Steakhouse

10 Main Street, Winters, CA

Meeting Agenda

9:00 am                Greeting by Reed Youmans; introductions

9:02 am                Greeting by Carrie Green on behalf of Buckhorn Staff and history of the enterprise

9:07 am                Approval of Minutes from March 2, 2017 meeting

9:08 am                Formation of Committee to Recruit and Hire the Executive Director ~ Action Item. Discuss procedures for recruitment, job description, whether to engage a search firm, and other issues surrounding the position.

9:25 am                Board of Directors Recruitment ~ Action Item. Discuss the need to fill Board vacancies and look to future Board composition in light of 5-year plan developments; consider Board member backgrounds and future roles.

9:45 am                Executive Director’s Report

  • Conversion to 5-Year Plan: ~
  • Taste of Yolo Event Update ~ Informational.
  • Financial Report Through February 2017 ~ Informational.

10:00 am             Good of the Order ~

10:15 am             Adjourn ~

Next meeting: May 4, 2017 at The Maples, 40162 Best Ranch Road, Woodland


Yolo County Visitors Bureau

March 2, 2017 — Meeting Minutes

Palm Court Hotel, Davis CA


Board Members:             Staff:                                   City Representatives:

Reed Youmans                  Alan Humason                   Diane Parro

Dan Flynn                          Tiffany Dozier                   Guests:

Vinod Patel                        Mo Stoycoff                        Lorili Ostman

Carrie Green                                                                  

Maria Lara                                                                      

Al Eby

Wayne Ginsburg                                                            

Members Absent:

Kristy Lyn Levings

Randii MacNear

Christy Hayes                                                                                                   

Call to Order: 9:00am.

CLOSED SESSION ~ BOARD DIRECTORS ONLY: Election of Officers for 2016 terms and other business as determined by the Members. Officers: Reed Youmans, President; Wayne Ginsburg, Vice President; Randii MacNear, Secretary; Maria Lara, Treasurer.

Resume Regular Business ~ Approval of Minutes from January 12, 2017 and February 2, 2017 meetings. Approved with correction on financial report in January minutes.

Maria Lara, Royal Guest Hotels ~ Ms. Lara talked about the remodeling of rooms and lobby areas of the Palm Court hotel; a tour of the hotel was available after the end of the meeting.

Consideration of Tracy Rios for Board of Directors ~ Action Item. Ms. Rios was nominated for a Board seat by Executive Director Alan Humason. After discussion, she was unanimously approved.

Executive Director’s Report

  • Formation of Board Recruitment Committee: We discussed the need to fill Board vacancies and look to future Board composition in light of 5-year plan developments. Rather than create a committee, the Board agreed that it should have a full discussion of this topic at the next meeting and pursue options or offer additional direction to Staff at that time. Staff was also directed to distributed an updated roster of Directors with contact information for review.
  • Conversion to 5-Year Plan: The final Letter of Support (from Winters) has not been completed and follow-up will continue to finish this piece. The Management District Plan document is going through final revisions after input from City of Woodland staff; it should be completed this week. Outreach is being done to West Sacramento (City Staff, Mayor, County Supervisor) to firmly establish West Sacramento’s position vis-à-vis the bureau reorganization, with the expectation that County Supervisors will ask about their exclusion. Outreach is being done to Hyatt Place Hotel and UC Davis, to ensure the hotel’s proper inclusion and uniform participation in the reorganization plan.
  • Taste of Yolo Event Update: To date, we have 44 confirmed exhibitors and secured roughly $40,000 in sponsorship commitments; more targeted recruitments efforts continue apace. Early bird ticket sales were announced (about 100 sales so far); expect sales to pick up later in the spring. Volunteer recruitment has also begun for the event.
  • Taste of Yolo Restaurant Week Recap: This was a successful promotion, with 26 social media posts, 20 earned media placements, 4 TV spots generated, more than 300,000 impressions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and more than 100,000 actions taken by individuals in response. We saw a significant spike in engagement and traffic driven to the Visit Yolo website and Restaurant Week landing page. We hope to expand the program to more establishments in 2018.
  • Financial Report Through January 2017: Revenues to date remain well ahead of forecast via the Davis and Woodland TBIDs; we also have banked $11,500 related to Taste of Yolo. We moved funds to increase our strategic reserve account to roughly $66,000, or two months of operating expenses. The Board noted a significant variance in Advertising expense, which is due to costs mostly associated with promoting Taste of Yolo that were not anticipated. We expect expenses to remain in line for the rest of the fiscal year.
  • County Hotel Projects Update; Winters Highway 505 project: still going through bureaucracy but could break ground in Summer 2017. Downtown Winters project: groundbreaking forecast April 2017. Marriott Davis: still in litigation on burrowing owl issues (Diane Parro is “optimistic” a settlement is at hand). Embassy Suite Davis: Revised plans to be presented to Planning Commission on March 8. Hyatt House Davis: City Staff received notification of a lawsuit filing against the project. Downtown Woodland project: currently in permit review process, expected through June; groundbreaking could be summer or early fall 2017.

Good of the Order ~ Good things happening all across the county.

Adjourn ~ 10:00am ~ Tour of Palm Court Hotel rooms available to guests.

Next Meeting: April 6, 2017 ~ Buckhorn Steakhouse, Winters CA

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